To annihilate caste system from Indian union 18 Dravidar Kazhaga activists sacrificed their life

60 years over ….still there is no social reformer like Periyar

Since 1957 people burning their own constitution it’s a new protest technique in this world. Yes, people in India from Tamil Nadu state more than 50,000 people were burned constitution of India.

There are two types of protest in this world. One is for liberation of the soil and another one is for the liberation of people. After independence people burned constitution for their liberation and it’s provoked by Periyar.

In 1931 all India congress party meet they passed a Brahminical resolution which was known as praja rights resolution. ‘In new constitution we will protect our religions and religious belief’ this is the extract of the resolution. From that day itself Periyar opposed them. But with the help of majority Brahmins in drafting committee they added articles 13,19,25,26,368,372 (1) in constitution of India.

Still these articles are protecting caste, religion, Hindu religious culture, caste dominant culture and Hindu belief and all. Toddy Brahmin café, Devar tea stall, Vanniyar matrimonial, Mudhali, Nayakkar, Muthuraja, Chetti matrimonial, male domination and etc ., because of these stupid articles in constitution of India.

Double tumblers, double crematorium, village-colony like these all kind of caste , untouchability practices were protected because of the above articles in Indian constitution that’s why Periyar and his followers burned union of India’s constitution. When Periyar called for protest that time Nehru government they announced that “who all are going to burn constitution they will get 3 years of prison”. More than 30,000 people burned constitution and they never mind about governments oppressive laws. Most of them were sending back to their home because that time there is no more space in prison. 4,000 people from all caste they got punishment.

Pregnant ladies, more than 70 years old elders, below 18 years old children, mothers with their children, visually challenged Thiruvarangam Maha Muni, one leg construction worker, daily wages, poor people all together with land lords, Zamindars, minors were burned constitution.

The law by government of India “Three years of prison” that was falls down like a leaf before death house. Thousands of people got 3 years prison, no one argued against government in court. People from all caste more than 4000 were in jail over two years. To annihilate caste system from Indian union 18 Dravidar Kazhaga activists sacrificed their life.

This greatest protest happened in 1957 November 26. Black Shirt soldiers sacrificed their life for our welfare !
Give them a big salute !

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