Menstruation –Bleed with Pride

D.Subhasri, Anna University, Trichy

Is it unclean? Is it embarrassing? No absolutely not. My dear fellows the practice of not discussing about this is only a belief of the past that it should be hidden. Lets voice out and bleed in pride.

Women who menstruate are not impure, the practice of restricting women to enter the kitchen, temples and sleep in day time and other daily activities  must be stopped. They are not polluted they must not be regarded as untouchable. When menarche or the first period is given so much importance and celebrated  in pomp manner instead the child should be educated on menstruation that it is just the regular discharge of blood and mucosal tissue from inner lining of uterus.

Education must be given on the safe health practices during menstruation. Every woman has right to safe menstrual hygiene. The majority of women have no access to clean and safe sanitary products  or to a clean and private space to change menstrual cloths.For better and stronger development of women and girls, the restricted control, the impurity myths and misconceptions must be broken to shackles.

The fact that due to lack of facilities and appropriate sanitary products push menstruating girls out of school temporarily is disheartening. The onset of puberty leads to significant changes in school participation among girls. Asa step forward recently Kerala government launched the scheme to make sanitary napkin vending machines mandatory in all higher secondary schools. The number of machines is proportionate to number of girl students in the school.

The government ‘She pad scheme‘ is aimed to distribute healthy sanitary pads to all school students around the state, also a eco friendly disposal system and distilleries for used pads will be distributed as part of scheme. Where do they dispose their sanitary products and cloths? wherever they can do secretly and easily or the nearest open defecation field, river or garbage dump?. No here comes the use of proper filling pits or incinerators.

If this situation is taken care of all over India to provide proper infrastructure, eduation, clean safe and private sanitation facilities consequently girls will become pillars toward betterment of society. A woman has the right to be angry ,if she means that it is real .Don’t always judge that she is due to PMS (pre menstrual syndrome).Yes they have mood swings due to hormones in play . But she can’t always be on PMS so respect her as she is.

Let’s join together on this Menstrual Hygiene day 28TH May to break taboos surrounding menstruation, raise awareness of the importance of good menstrual hygiene management nationwide. For better women empowerment lets voice out, come out of the myths make this impure to pride and practice a sound safe menstrual hygiene for it is our health not to be muted or silenced.


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