Encourage seating arrangement in accordance with alphabetical order

Subhasri Dharmaraj

“Swathi don’t sit near that boy remember you are a girl “, said the mother .

“I hate girls “, said the kid.when questioned he told they cry and don’t play with him.

“Rahul is your brother, so you give the chocolate to him you can have later “,told the mom to her daughter .

Why do we hear these sentences and many of this like in our daily life? Why is the society seeing a gender bias ? What inculcates the fact in the boy’s mind?  who is responsible ????

None other than we. Should we feel proud that we have established that boys are superior to girls .Should we feel happy that we have achieved this feat? No, certainly not. In the long run this is the problem of the hour. It causes various troubles. Children grow with the thought that boys are superior to girls.

Childhood, schooling is the most wonderful part of life. The basic knowledge to living is being taught and explored. They have keen observing power. It remains forever in their minds. They develop understanding of society as they grow. Gender!! Male and female are nothing but a difference in a chromosome X or Y. Yes we have various biological and physical changes. The facts need to be understood, debated but in reality it is hidden, forbidden to speak gender differences.

With great observation power children grasp from their family and school. If not in family, atleast in school if we can encourage them towards a Co-education, we can create a better healthy environment for them to grow. It will be sound, healthy, they will understand gender from their minds and not by what is shown. Media also plays a major role in inculcating gender differences. Dont try to force the fact that boys are superior than girls. As they grow they tend to develop an attitude which is the root cause for evil done towards women .

When families fail to give this atmosphere school is the only source where we can understand gender in detail. How can we provide this?? First we can start by seating arrangement in alphabetical order. We should encourage them to sit together irrespective of gender. Then it gives them the basic understanding that both boys and girls are same. Thry will have healthy friendship from the beginning.

Slowly with growth they will understand what gender difference is  in real. This will provide platform to discuss on all issues without fear. Forbidding them to speak only will increase the problem. Without proper understanding they will hate each other and this leads to trouble. Once we provide them the platform from the very beginning then they will cope with it at ease and feel no differences.

To understand gender is very important important. It is not an easy task, only when exposed and given liberty to raise question on differences will one can understand it better. If we provide seating arrangement in alphabetical order from KG to higher secondary and also in college, there is an opportunity for them to mingle freely among their colleagues without any differences. They will have a better sound healthy environment to grow. The chances of them misunderstanding that one of the gender is superior or inferior becomes less. They can play together, study together, work together and form a solid team for a better society.

When rules are imposed like they should not talk to each other in schools, they tend to break them and in the worse, it just happens vice versa of the management motives who think the so called rules are for student’s welfare, but in the end it is a grave mistake. They tend to do wrong, so called break the rule. Curiosity on the thought what is wrong if I talk with girls or boys arises. If left as such they will have no differences and there will be better understanding about gender.

In total if we encourage alphabetical seating arrangement, students will be motivated for a better idea of what is gender. And they will grow together to make a intellectual society for the development, achieving in their lives boldly, and aloud they will speak for or against issues irrespective of gender .

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